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Clutch Conversion Kit

(Flywheel, Cover, Disc, Release Bearing included)

Dual Mass Flywheel system vehicle solution
More and more vehicles are fitted with a Dual Mass Flywheel System. Regardless of the DMF advantages, DMF has some shortcomings in particular in the aftermarket. Due to frequent failure in certain components of the DMF, the rate of warranty returns is high. This obviously causes customer dissatisfactions. Warranty claims often come with high labour cost. High costs force customers to look for alternative solutions. Less stock level held by distributors due to high cost.

Westlake brings clutch kits with flywheel on the market. These kits offer the possibility to fully replace a failed DMF.

Many advantages of clutch kit with flywheel
  • Economic and reliable alternative solution to DMF
  • Fully replaces a failed Dual Mass Flywheel
  • Large cost savings and high rate of customer satisfaction
  • Better durability due to simpler built-up of 4 Pieces clutch Kits
  • Equal performance as OE
  • Constantly expanding range
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