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Clutch Kit

(Cover, Disc, Release Bearing included)

Extensive range of clutch kits for European market
Westlake has an extensive product range for European market. Our products include 3-in-1 kits, 4-in-1 flywheel kits, release bearings and hydraulic release bearings.
  • Comprehensive range of clutch kits available
  • Individual cover assemblies, driven plates and release bearings also available
  • All clutch assemblies produced in our own facility
  • Car and light commercial vehicles – extensive range
  • Truck and heavy duty commercial vehicles – extensive range
  • Ability to produce clutch components - 160mm to 430mm
  • 100% all new and approved to OE specifications
  • Manufactured to exceptional standards – ISO 9001, QS9000, ISO/TS 16949 quality assurance
  • Tooling and components designed and manufactured in-house
  • CAD/CAM/CNC machining controls and techniques
  • Individual fatigue and wear simulation testing
  • Asbestos-free, non-toxic clutch friction materials
  • OE standards of quality and performance
Clutch kits for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
Westlake currently offers more almost 800 clutch kits which can be fitted on about  16,000  passenger cars and light commercial vehicle models. Westlake provides one of the largest ranges of clutch parts in Europe, covering all major vehicles brands.

We aim to be among the leading players in the market for new vehicle applications. Our major R&D investments allow us to produce new technologies. New products can also be developed according to the demands of our customers.

Every year, more than 100 new products are developed and added to the product range with applications in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.
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