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Clutch kits for HCV

Ceramic and organic vehicle clutch kits
Westlake Europe manufactures and sells ceramic and organic commercial vehicle clutches ranging in size from 250 to 430 mm. Both coil and diaphragm clutch covers are available, supplied as both single and twin plate units with push and pull type alternatives.

Westlake spring dampers ensure an optimised level of softness over a wide actuation angle, providing the best-in-class vibration control and torque capacity. As a result, the clutch system and driveline components are protected against damaging vibrations.
Reliable clutch kits for enhanced driving comfort

When diaphragm springs are used, uniform plate pressure can be applied, while lowering pedal effort for drivers. This enhances the life of the clutch, as well as the driving comfort. Furthermore, with fewer moving parts and wear points, reliability is increased.

Westlake clutch facing material lowers wear rates and ensures a smoother clutch engagement, extending the life of each clutch disc and optimising the driving comfort.
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